Inspection Reports Online

Third-Party Reporting provides a streamlined, Web-Based Solution in which third-party service providers (contractors) performing Inspection, Test, and Maintenance (ITM) on Fire and Life Safety Systems can submit final test reports via IROL’s platform directly to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and/or Property Owner/Occupant. This program provides an efficient and effective process of facilitating code compliance and minimizing the loss of life and property. Aiding in overall system management and the deficiency remediation process is IROL’s Review Department. Our Industry Professionals will assist in report analysis and take a proactive approach towards non-compliant systems by working one-on-one with contractors and owners. This customized service reduces your administrative time and workload while gaining more sustainable compliance. Known as one of the best practices in Prevention and Community Risk Reduction, the end result is a robust database of buildings that contain Fire and Life Safety Systems, what types of systems, when they were last tested, and real-time system functionality and readiness. Delivering data directly to you, IROL’s Third-Party Reporting will help you stay ahead of the call.

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Inspections Reporting Online

inspections report online

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