About Us

The Mustang Public Library serves Mustang, Oklahoma and all of Canadian County in the heart of Central Oklahoma.


The Mustang Public Library started as a Bicentennial Project by the Girl Scouts of Mustang under the leadership of Marie Good.   The Library has grown in its ability to serve the community due to funding from the City of Mustang, allowing for quality staff to be employed, financial assistance from the Friends of the Library, funding from the Canadian County Educational Facilities Authority, leadership from the Library Board of Trustees and support from the community at large. 

As Mustang grows, it is the goal of the Library Board of Trustees and Library staff to:

Meet the demands for materials, services and classes.
Provide professional, friendly customer service.
Support life-long learning.
Promote literacy for all ages.
Continue our proactive role as an essential component of the community.
Provide cultural, educational and recreational classes and materials. 


The Library is in the people business serving information.

History of the Mustang Public Library

Marie A. Good and the Mustang Girl Scout Troop 373 set up a bicentennial museum in the Town and Country Shopping Center. In 1976 half of the museum space was converted into the city's first public library. The City of Mustang approved an ordinance officially establishing the Mustang Municipal Library on April 1, 1980. The library was moved from the museum into a building on State Highway 152. In 1981 the library moved to a trailer parked at the Silver Shopping Center and remained there until 1983 when the travel trailer was replaced with a mobile home located in Curtis Park. Six years later the library moved into a 3,000 sq. ft. building at Silver Center. July 7, 2002 the library was moved to the Mustang Town Center.