• Sara Road Widening – Contractor has estimated completion date of September, 2023. Southwest 59th Street running east and west at Sara Road, is now open. The final traffic pattern is incomplete, but 59th is open both ways. Traffic along the Mustang section of Sara has shifted to the east lanes, running north and south. The traffic light cycle at Highway 152 and Sara Road is impacted, changing the pattern of traffic release through the signal. The contractor is on-site working on the east lanes on the mile section in Mustang. The mile stretch in Mustang will become four lanes with five-lane interchanges at the section line roads. This project was included in the Sales Tax Extension approved by voters on August 23, 2016.

  • Frisco Road – Frisco Road north of Highway 152 to Southwest 59th Street will be overlaid with asphalt. Crew is currently on site doing prep work for the overlay. Milling and overlay will take place in May of 2023.

  • Southwest 89th Street (Highway 4 to Mustang Road) – Engineers have completed the design for the expansion of Southwest 89th Street. The project will begin once Sara Road is completed to avoid major construction on two section line roads. The project includes all of Southwest 89th Street between Mustang Road and Highway 4, the far south portion of Mustang Road from the railroad tracks south to Southwest 89th Street, and Southwest 89th Street just east of Highway 4, creating a new five-lane interchange. On September 5, 2017, Mustang City Council passed a resolution for a traffic signal to be located at the intersection of State Highway 4 and Southwest 89th. The traffic signal will be part of the Southwest 89th Street expansion. Southwest 89th Street will become a four-lane road for the mile section and improve the intersections at each section line to five lanes. This project was included in the Sales Tax Extension approved by voters on August 23, 2016.

  • Ross Terrace Widening at Highway 152 – N. Ross Terrace’s Road widening project began on Friday, January 27th, 2023. The construction plan is to widen 620 feet of Ross Terrace, running north off State Highway 152.