A photo  of Chris Edwards and his wife Brittany

The City of Mustang will be providing an "Employee Spotlight" each month so that citizens can learn more about the public servants that contribute to our City running smoothly.  The Employee Spotlight will feature answers to a series of questions about the selected employee, the department and position they serve in, and unique likes and interests of the employee.  

The June Employee Spotlight is Captain Chris Edwards of the Mustang Fire Department.

How long have you worked for the City of Mustang?    I started with the Mustang Fire Department Feb. 12, 2007. 16 yrs and some change. 

Where were you born?   I was born and raised in Moore, OK.

How long have you lived in Mustang?  I have never lived in the great City of Mustang. When I started my career my wife and I moved from Moore to Tuttle where we lived for 10 yrs. When Brittany became an elementary principal in Moore we decided to move back home so her daily drive could be shorter. 

Are you married?  If so for how long?  Children?   I married the best woman in the world 14 years ago. We have been together for almost 20 years. No children,  wasn’t in the cards for us. 

What do you enjoy the most about working for the City of Mustang?   I believe the relationships I have made working for the City of Mustang has been a blessing.      

What project have you been a part of while employed by the City of Mustang that you enjoyed the most?   The single most fulfilling project that I have been a part of is definitely the peer team.  Not only did this system benefit me and others in my department, I have had the pleasure of assisting first responders all over the country. 

Favorite Food?   I enjoy making and eating BBQ the best. 

Favorite Recording Artist?   Lately I have been a big Luke Combs fan. One of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Do you have a secret skill or talent?   Not sure if this counts because I believe anyone could do this but I think I would be an exceptional NASCAR driver.

You are a recent graduate of the 2022 Executive Fire Leadership Program at Oklahoma State University.  Please describe what successfully completing that program has meant to you.    This program really changed my personal and professional life. As we grow in the fire service we eventually have an opportunity to become a leader within the organization. While we have those great leaders before us that we watched and learned from, we really never had someone sit down and explain to us what made them great leaders. While I thought I knew what it would take to lead in this organization I quickly found out that I didn’t. I struggled, but these struggles weren’t during emergency operations or making those quick decisions in stressful times, it was all the other times at the firehouse. While I was struggling I made mistakes that I am still trying to correct. This program not only taught me about the different leadership theories, It challenged me to look within and evaluate myself. Once I was able to realize my own short falls and create a plan to fix them, I was able to truly begin to lead. Prior to this program, I felt I was leading correctly and frustrated that I was not successful all the time. I was leading to accomplish task. After this program, I realized I needed to change the way I viewed leadership, and even if I am the best leader I can be I will never be successful all time. Their happiness and the ability to go home every morning and hug their family is now how I judge my success as a leader. I won’t give up on myself or the people I lead. I work with an amazing group of individuals and are thankful everyday for each of them. This program meant the world to me. 

Captain Edwards is pictured above with his wife Brittany.