An aerial photo of Wild Horse Park Divided into Spaces

About 4 years ago, the City of Mustang began requiring those groups that are afforded the opportunity to sell fireworks as a fundraiser to also be responsible for assisting in the monumental task of clean-up on July 5th.  The groups are responsible for specific areas in Wild Horse Park or Old City Park and failure to clean their areas could result in no permit being issued for sales the following year.

The map above indicates the areas of responsibility in Wild Horse Park that correspond with the number and group responsible below.  Each group should have their area(s) for which they are responsible cleaned-up by 11:30 AM on July 5, 2023.

1.  Mustang Church Of the Nazarene

2. SW OK District Church of the Nazarene

3.  Clear Springs Church

4.  Oklahoma Family Youth Counseling

5.  Mustang Takedown Club

6.  Mustang Takedown Club

7.  Bronco Cheer Club

8.  Bronco Cheer Club

9.  Mustang High School Band Boosters

10. Mustang High School Band Boosters

11.  Mustang High School Band Boosters

12.  Bronco Pom

13.  Mustang Special Olympics - Assigned Old City Park

14.  Mustang Takedown Club

15.  Evany Clinic

16. New Beginnings Family Church - Assigned Centennial Park

Final Note:  These groups have performed amazingly well over the last several years at returning Wild Horse Park to a park to be proud of each year following July 4th.  They welcome any volunteers that would like to assist them in cleaning up Wild Horse Park on the morning of the 5th.  Groups and volunteers are encouraged to bring their own trash bags and to wear gloves.