A photograph of Ashley with trees behind her

The City of Mustang will be providing an "Employee Spotlight" each month so that citizens can learn more about the public servants that contribute to our City running smoothly.  The Employee Spotlight will feature answers to a series of questions about the selected employee, the department and position they serve in, and unique likes and interests of the employee.  

The July Employee Spotlight is Ashley Patten of the Mustang Parks and Recreation Department.

How long have you worked for the City of Mustang?   It has been a privilege to have worked for the City of Mustang for over 11 years.  I have been here since March of 2012 as the Adult Program Coordinator.

Where were you born?  I was actually born in Sayre, OK because that was the closest hospital to Erick, Ok.  Erick is where I call “home” because that is where I was raised and graduated from high school.  My family still lives there and I continue to visit on a regular basis. 

How long have you lived in Mustang?  I currently live in Yukon and have been in the Mustang area since 2008.

Are you married?  If so for how long?  Children?   Although I am not married at this time, I have a wonderful daughter and a supportive family.

What do you enjoy the most about working for the City of Mustang?   I enjoy getting to meet the people who visit us every day and helping them get connected in the community.  I also enjoy that my job has a lot of variety to it.   I get to work with so many great people from the senior citizens all the way to the people who enjoy the fitness classes.  It is also my pleasure to work with some of the greatest fitness instructors in the area. 

What project have you been a part of while employed by the City of Mustang that you enjoyed the most? My favorite project was helping renovate the dog park.   The dog park is one of the most utilized parks in Mustang and I enjoyed making it a nicer place for the dogs and their owners who visit it.  I love the beauty of rocks and getting to pick out the boulders was very enjoyable.   My favorite event is also in the dog park area and it is the Doggie Easter Egg Hunt.  It is so much fun and if you haven’t been to it I encourage you to come check it out next year!

Favorite Food?   My favorite food is definitely Mexican food, which I get from my mother.  Mexican food was her favorite and since there was no Mexican restaurants in Erick, whenever we came to Oklahoma City we always had to have Mexican food.  It has definitely stuck with me over the years and remains my favorite as well.  

Favorite Recording Artist?   I honestly love all kinds of music and really enjoy singing.  My current favorite song is Running Home by Cochren & Co.  The senior citizens do a Jam Session several times a week and I really enjoy listening to all the songs they play.  We have very talented musicians who play a variety of gospel, bluegrass, country, and oldies.  Occasionally they ask me to sing along and I really enjoy getting to join in on the fun.  

Do you have a secret skill or talent?   My father is an auctioneer and I decided to attempt to follow in his footsteps.  I am a graduate of Missouri Auction School.  I work for Reding’s Auction Service in El Reno.  I also volunteer my time to help out any non-profit group or church that is raising money for a worthy cause.  If you need an auctioneer for a fundraiser feel free to contact me because I would be honored to help you.    

You are a recent graduate of the CPRP Certificate Program through the NRPA.  Please describe what successfully completing the program meant for you.   CPRP stands for Certified Park and Recreation Professional and in the Park and Recreation Industry it is universally understood and respected across the country.   It took countless hours of studying the materials and preparing for the test.   I am a curious person by nature and am always wanting to learn something new.  So when I completed the exam and learned that I had passed the test I felt a great sense of accomplishment for myself.  I enjoy pushing myself to meet new goals in my life and enjoy new experiences.