Firefighter of the Year

Allen Sylvester - Chief Sylvester began his firefighting career as a volunteer with the Mustang Fire Department in 1997. In August of 2001, Chief Sylvester transitioned into a full- time career firefighter with Mustang Fire Department. Over the course of his career, he has served at every level within the department, and was promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief in January of this year. Chief Sylvester was raised in Mustang and is a Graduate of Mustang High School. He takes pride in his community and in his department, which has been demonstrated throughout his career by the dedication of his service. Allen is a graduate of the Oklahoma Executive Fire Officers Program, is a National Fire Academy Alumni member, and continually looks for opportunities to improve his professional development.

Chief Sylvester was assigned to spearhead the build of a new command vehicle, which will be used by the Battalion Chiefs in hazardous responses. This project required planning and negotiating with multiple vendors. Allen was able to balance the timing of the overall project and was successful at bringing the project in under budget. Chief Sylvester was also tasked with assuring Station #2 had all needed supplies and furnishings prior to opening. Allen has performed exceptional in this area. Allen has been able to negotiate significant cost savings with area vendors to limit the overall expenditures of the project. He has also been diligent to assure the delivery and installation of all needed items.