Be sure to download the City of Mustang's new app by scanning the QR code below or by going to the app store on your apple device or the google play store on your android device. Its the most of Mustang in your pocket!
3 days ago, City of Mustang
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While it doesn't feel like Severe Weather season this morning, March most definitely brings about a need to be storm ready and we all found out a few weeks ago in February! Be sure to check out our Severe Weather information here:
16 days ago, City of Mustang
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If your normal refuse day falls on a Tuesday, then this Saturday (March 18, 2023) is your curbside Spring Clean-Up Day. Be sure to have all of your items for disposal curbside by 7:00 AM!
16 days ago, City of Mustang
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As a reminder - all City of Mustang customers that normally receive their refuse service on Mondays - tomorrow (3/11) is your day for Spring Curbside Clean-Up. Please make sure to have your items at the curb no later than 7:00 AM!
19 days ago, City of Mustang
The City of Mustang's new website is LIVE! Over the next few weeks we will be monitoring our new site and will address any errors we come across. Thanks for your patience!
19 days ago, City of Mustang
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We get several phone calls regarding disposing of diabetic needles this is the information we found...
27 days ago, Mustang Fire Department
Chief Carruth had a special device presented to him just before our promotional ceremony yesterday, from our Mustang PD Chief Groseclose and Deputy Chief Mike Wallace. I’m sure many of you all know our squad was stolen this past weekend. (Squad was returned with no damage). Thank you MPD for always looking out for us
about 2 months ago, City of Mustang
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Thank you Mustang Public Schools for having amazing teachers and staff. These Mustang Public School teachers and staff showed up on their own time during Christmas break to learn CPR and First Aid to be better prepared to handle an emergency.
3 months ago, City of Mustang
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