A photo of Mike Wallace and his wife Dana

The City of Mustang will be providing an "Employee Spotlight" each month so that citizens can learn more about the public servants that contribute to our City running smoothly.  The Employee Spotlight will feature answers to a series of questions about the selected employee, the department and position they serve in, and unique likes and interests of the employee.  

This month's Employee Spotlight is Mike Wallace.  Mike is the Deputy Police Chief for the City of Mustang.

How long have you been employed with the City of Mustang?    I have been a commissioned officer with the Mustang Police Department since February of 1999.  Of those 24 years, 19 were as a full-time officer and 5 years as a Reserve Officer.  I went full-time in April of 2000, with a break in service from December of 2005, to May of 2010.

Where were you born?    I was born at Edwards Air Force Base in Kern County, California.  Incidentally, where they often landed the Space Shuttle.

How long have you lived in Mustang?   I first moved to Mustang in the Summer of 1980.  Other than a few years for college, etc. My family has maintained a residence in Mustang since.

Are you married?  If so for how long?  Children?   I have been married to my beautiful partner in life, Dana, since 2002.  I have had two children, Blaine and Blake Wallace.  Blake currently resides in Chicago, IL and my late son Blaine passed in 2014.

What do you enjoy the most about working for the City of Mustang?  There are numerous things I enjoy as an employee for the City of Mustang, but the thing that stands out to me the most would be the overwhelming feeling of “Family”.  This has not always been the case, but for several years now, I have experienced a comfort at work, that usually only comes by spending time with family.

What project have you been a part of while employed by the City of Mustang that you enjoyed the most?   Too many projects to truly narrow it down, however I would probably say the project that is most personal to me, and that offered the most enjoyment, would be the development of our current Peer Support Team.  This team has a very strong foundation, which should allow it to be self-sustaining for many years, and is proving to have an extremely positive effect on many first responders throughout our community and well beyond.

Favorite Food?  I would have to say I enjoy a good Prime Rib Dinner about as much as any other meal option.

Favorite Recording Artist?   Wow, I love a ton of recording artists, of my era, but I am a die-hard Eagles fan.

Do you have a secret skill or talent?   Most know I maintain a fairly confident carpentry skill set, but many have commented on my talents as a cook, especially with recipes surrounding the grill.

You were recently inducted into the Mustang Hall of Fame.  Describe your reaction to that and what it means to you.   I have always held a deep respect for the members of the Hall of Fame, and was quite frankly surprised that I was chosen.  As I was being announced, I felt extremely humbled and honored, to have my name included on a list with so many people I have admired for so many years.

Mike is pictured above with his beautiful wife Dana.