A photo of people picking up Fireworks trash

A big thank you to all of the groups that showed up this morning to clean their assigned areas at Wild Horse Park, Old City Park, and Centennial Park after the Mustang Independence Day celebrations.

About 4 years ago, the City of Mustang began requiring those groups that are afforded the opportunity to sell fireworks as a fundraiser to also be responsible for assisting in the monumental task of clean-up on July 5th.  The groups are responsible for specific areas in Wild Horse Park, Old City Park, and Centennial Park.  Failure to clean their areas could result in no permit being issued for sales the following year.

While there were some minor hiccups here and there - (the groups responsible for those hiccup areas will be back this evening to take care of them) - today's clean-up was a huge success.

If you see any areas that still have some fireworks debris in the meantime, stop by the parks and recreation front desk and ask for trash bag and have at it!